The right button for each fur

Many fur manufacturers attach little importance to the choice of buttons that go with each coat. Consequently, in many cases, those chosen are inappropriate for the demands of the coat. On the contrary, 'Image furs' has always attached major importance to this issue and has now acquired a unique collection of buttons. These new buttons are not only great to look at but are also valuable, containing numerous Swarovski micro-crystals.

Each button is chosen to match the look and special requirements of each coat so that it blends in fully, creating a single, harmonious whole.

Trastor' bags

The name 'TRASTOR' comes from the words 'Transportation' and 'Storage'. These are specially designed bags patented by 'Image furs'. These bags can serve two completely different purposes at the same time, packaging and safely transporting your fur from our store to your home and safely storing it in your wardrobe.

The bag prevents your fur from being exposed to the weather, creasing and improper handling during loading and unloading of your luggage onto various means of transport. The bag allows you to easily hang your fur in any wardrobe, keeping it apart from other clothes yet allowing it to breathe naturally. It goes without saying that the look of the TRASTOR bag has been carefully designed, highlighting its superiority over all other related products.