The primary concern of our new collection was to give a more dynamic feminine look upon a modern woman.
In order to accomplish this, we chose the best skins and other materials available and we used the best styles and patterns The end result was exactly as we expected, capturing everybody with its uniqueness, its finesse ant its elegance.

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You can find our best and most appealing models in our large and comfortable exhibition halls.
Here we present a large variety of coats, semi coats, and jackets in all sizes and many different colors, using the most advanced technological methods, which include laser designs.

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This category may be perceived as the avant-garde of our recent collection.
Here we present some "complete dressing proposals" where the combination of fur with textile and the use of some exotic materials create a variety of astonishing sets.
These creations emphasize to the fullest a woman's femininity and are strictly unique and unduplicated.

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Guarantee issue
'Image furs' provides a guarantee for all furs it sells. This guarantee is available in writing and is based on the implementation of the HATREK quality control system. It covers all items, is valid for two years and means we replace your product with another of exactly the same value.